Data from the analysis EHSAT analysis confirm that a continuing significant number of helicopter accidents is due to crew judgement and actions.

The aim of the leaflets and videos proposed is to improve the safety of helicopter operations by providing pilots with the relevant information for each of these topics in order to allow a basic understanding of the causes, the prevention and the recovery actions thereby enabling pilots to make better, more informed decisions.

EHEST Training material:

IHST, FAA and HAI materials:

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During the preparation of the different brochures and leaflets, the Team reveiwed several docuements and websites related to training for Helicopeter pilots: References and links

The EHEST Training Team

The Training Team is a voluntary partnership led by Eurocopter and includes EASA, IASA,  Agusta Westland, ENAC, UK CAA and  IAA and the contribution of our recognised Helicopeter training experts. Terms of Reference