HE1 Training Leaflet – Safety considerations

This leaflet is the first in a series of safety related leaflets and publications aiming at improving safety by sharing good practises. These leaflets will be accompanied by web based training materials including videos, which will be available freely to all pilots in order to enhance flight safety by addressing recognised training related issues.

Data from the EHSAT review confirm that a continuing significant number of helicopter accidents is due to pilot disorientation in the Degraded Visual Environment, Vortex Ring State, Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness and Static & Dynamic Rollover. Therefore, the aim of this leaflet is to improve the safety of helicopter operations by providing pilots with the relevant information for each of these topics in order to allow a basic understanding of the causes, the prevention and the recovery actions thereby enabling pilots to make better, more informed decisions. This Leaflet covers the following subjects:

  • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)
  • Vortex Ring State
  • Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE)
  • Static & Dynamic Rollover
  • Pre-flight planning Checklist

English: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-UK (master version)

German:  HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-DE

Italian: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-IT

Spanish: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-ES

Chinese: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-ZH

Portuguese/Brazilian: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-PT

Japanese: HE1_Leaflet_safety_considerations_Training-JA

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