HE10 – Teaching and Testing in Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD)

18 December 2015 – This leaflet provides guidance to helicopter instructors and examiners on how to conduct aircrew training and testing in FSTDs, and provides basic principles on how to get the best use of this invaluable training asset. The benefits of FSTDs are covered in the previously published leaflet HE6 “Advantages of Simulators (FSTDs) in Helicopter Flight Training”.
The leaflet HE10 addresses additional aspects, such as FSTDs and training credits definitions, types of training and testing permitted on FSTDs, teaching, examining and testing techniques and competences, the different types of examiner certificates, basic principles and good practices, and differences between helicopter and FSTD.

Download leaflet (Master version)

French: HE10_Teaching_and_Testing_in_Flight_Simulation_Training_Devices_(FSTD)-FR

German: HE10_Teaching_and_Testing_in_Flight_Simulation_Training_Devices_(FSTD)-DE

Spanish: HE10_Teaching_and_Testing_in_Flight_Simulation_Training_Devices_(FSTD)-ES

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