HE4 Training Leaflet – Single Pilot Decision Making

June 2012: Research into the human factors related to aircraft accidents and incidents has highlighted Decision Making as a crucial element. Pilots intend to fly safely, but they sometimes make errors. It has been observed that the majority of fatal crashes are attributable to decision errors rather than to perceptual or execution errors.

While we cannot eliminate human error, a thorough understanding of human factors principles can lead to appropriate strategies, means and practical tools to prevent most errors, better detect and manage them, and mitigate their adverse impact on aviation safety.

This leaflet is looking at:

  • Human Factors Affecting Decision Making,
  • Decision Making,
  • Decision Error Factors,
  • Decision Making Models.

This leaflet is part of a series of safety leaflets and publications aimed at sharing good practices. These leaflets are accompanied by web-based training materials, including videos, which are freely available on the Training and Safety Promotion section of the EHEST website.



English: HE4_Single Pilot Decision Making v1

Japanese: HE4_Single Pilot Decision Making JA


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