EHEST, the European Helicopter Safety Team

Launched on November 2006, the European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) brings together manufacturers, operators, research organisations, regulators, accident investigators and a few military operators from across Europe. EHEST is the helicopter branch of the ESSI, and also the European component of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST).

We are committed to contribute to the goal of reducing the helicopter accident rate by 80 percent by 2016 worldwide, with emphasis on improving European safety.

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The basic principle is to improve aviation safety by complementing regulatory action by voluntarily encouraging and committing to cost-effective safety enhancements. Analysis of occurrence data, coordination with other safety initiatives and implementation of cost-effective action plans are carried out to achieve specific safety goals. In addition, the EHEST initiative implements actions of the European Plan for Aviation Safety 2016-2020 (EPAS).